Equipment and Engines


Response: First out Engine
Year: 2008 
Make/Model: E-ONE Typhoon pumper
Pump: 1500 GPM
Water: 1000 GAL
*This truck was purchased with grant money that Bayshore applied for through FEMA.
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Response: Second out Engine / Rescue
Year: 2012
Make/Model: 4 x 4 Pierce Responder
Pump: 1250 GPM
Water: 1000 GAL


Response: Second out for Brush fires, first out for illegal burns, and smoke investigations
Year: 2000
Make/Model: F-550 4x4
Pump: 100 GPM
Water: 300 GAL
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Response: First out for Brush fires
Year: 1978
Make/Model: AMGE 2.5 ton 6x6
Pump: 350 GPM
Water: 500 GAL
*This truck is loaned to Bayshore Fire Department from the Department of Forestry
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1996 LMTV 2 ½ Ton 4X4 Brush Truck
500 gallons of water
650 GPM pump
Diesel fuel
800mhz and VHF capable
Top speed 55 mph


Response: First out water tender
Year: 2008
Make/Model: Fouts Bros/Kenworth
Pump: 500 GPM
Water: 3000 GAL
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Response: Support truck for the day to day operations of the district
Year: 2002
Make/Model: F-250
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Response: Command staff vehicle
Year: 2013
Make/Model: 2013 Chevy Tahoe